Vizio SmartCast Adds 10 Free Lifestyle Channels

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VIZIO is expanding its digital offering with 10 new Lifestyle channels available to SmartCast viewers for free. Now, SmartCasts millions of monthly users can enjoy even more free, ad-supported content from channels like QVC, HSN, People TV, The Jack Hanna Channel, and more. VIZIO SmartCast continues to increase in popularity as more people opt for streaming. Total viewing time on SmartCast increased by 156% in 2020, reaching 11.6 billion hours of viewing time on VIZIO SmartCast TV.

“With the launch of these additional lifestyle channels and apps, SmartCast viewers will be able to access even more content that aligns with their interests, their experiences, and their lives,” said Katherine Pond, VP of Business Development for VIZIO. “From entertainment news to nature and from travel to shopping and more, we’re committed to continually expanding our offering with diverse programming and content that delivers what SmartCast consumers want.”

Viewers can find the new channels under the “VIZIO Free Channels” section from the SmartCast Home screen.

New Channels include:

  • Be
    in the Know

    • PeopleTV
      (channel 500) –
      combining the power and access of PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly, this
      network is your trusted source and virtual passport to the red carpet, royal news, celebrity weddings, and more. As the ultimate authority in pop culture & entertainment, lifestyle and human interest, PeopleTV
      provides access to programs and specials such as: PEOPLE
      (the TV Show!)
      hosted by Kay
      , Reality
      hosted by Daryn
      , PEOPLE
      in 10
      hosted by Andrea
      , PEOPLE
      and Red
      Carpet Live
      , in addition to exclusive behind-the-scenes access from tentpole franchises
      such as Sexiest Man Alive and
      the Beautiful Issue.
  • Go

    • QVC®
      (channel 556) and HSN®
      (channel 557) –
      are the ultimate destinations for livestream shopping, with curated, ever-changing collections of familiar brands and fresh new products, from home and fashion to beauty, electronics, and jewelry. Enjoy around-the-clock for inspiration and the latest finds,
      trends, and insider tips, while engaging live with program hosts, celebrities, founders, and experts. Top shows include QVC’s In
      the Kitchen with David®
      and HSN’s The
      List with Colleen Lopez
  • Learn
    about Nature & Wildlife

    • The Jack Hanna
      – devoted
      to the adventures of the world’s most famous and beloved zookeeper. From
      his days in the 1970s transforming Columbus, Ohio’s city zoo into a worldwide destination that in 2019 attracted more than two million visitors, Hanna has built a wildlife franchise encompassing the popular TV shows including Jack
      Hanna’s Into the Wild
      , Jack
      Hanna’s Wild Countdown
      and Jack
      Hanna’s Animal Adventures
      which has been viewed in more than 60 countries.
    • Love Nature
      (channel 503)
      is a wildlife and nature brand that brings audiences powerful stories about
      the natural world that foster a deeper understanding of and connection to the planet we call home. Love Nature’s award winning library of original series and documentaries are
      produced by some of the best natural history filmmakers around the globe and offer programming that will forge emotional bonds between audiences and the natural world. Programming
      highlights include Wildlife Icons, Secrets of Wild Australia,
      Arabian Inferno, Shark Squad, Wild Wild East, Land of Gremlins
      and more.
    • Real Wild (channel
      is a
      wildlife and nature channel from Little Dot Studios. From lush rainforests to sparse deserts, from majestic birds to predatory sharks, Real Wild takes you around the world, exploring the wonders and dangers of nature.  One of Little Dot Studio’s most popular
      global channels.
  • Get

    • Fuse
      (channel 506)
      – the home of workout video shows that kept people ‘glued to the tube’ for generations, whether they moved to the videos or simply grooved to the soundtracks. Fuse Sweat brings together work-outs from truly nostalgic names like Richard
      and Jane
      , to newly nostalgic fit-pros like Billy
      and Denise
      . Check out shows ranging from Sweatin’
      to the Oldies
      , The
      Original Buns of Steel with Greg Smithey
      , Aerobics
      Oz Style
      and Gilad’s
      Bodies in Motion
      specials to Jack
      LaLanne’s Back to Basics
      and even Milton
      Berle’s Low Impact / High Comedy Workouts
  • Go Back in History

    • Absolute History
      (channel 550)
      – from Little Dot Studios, Absolute History is the home of fascinating and sometimes shocking stories
      from throughout history and the people that make history. The channel offers an immersive view of what life was like in the past and sheds new light on world history from the ancient civilisations to  medieval Europe to the First and Second World Wars.  Dive
      into series such as the Dark Ages: An age of Light, 
      Susan Lipscomb’s Hidden Killers
      and a number of programmes profiling the British Royal Family.
  • Celebrate LGBTQ+
    Creators and Entertainment

    • Revry
      (channel 535) is
      the global streaming media network for the inclusive 21st century queer community. Revry offers its viewers a curated selection of authentic LGBTQ films, cutting-edge series, groundbreaking Originals, and music. Entering Pride season, SmartCast users will be
      able to easily access incredible original LGBTQ+ programming from Revry free on their smart TV.
  • Leap into Equestrian Sports

    • Horse & Country
      (channel 507) –
      fans of equestrian sports have an  exciting line-up of programming, including
      sports, exclusive training and educational shows,  entertainment, and documentaries. The programming line-up includes exclusive highlights from this year’s Carolina
      International 4* eventing
      , Masterclasses
      with American Show Jumpers, Georgina Bloomberg and Laura Kraut,
      an exciting documentary, Victory Tour: America’s Top 
      4* Rides
      in which top U.S. riders look back on their own famous victory rides, and a profile
      documentary on Will Faudree,
      the American event rider. Viewers will be able to follow the U.S. and international seasons of events

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