VIZIO Launches New Curated Content ‘VIZIO Features’

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VIZIO is expanding its content offering with a new section called VIZIO Features. The section is a curated collection of content available on WatchFree+ streaming service and is based on what’s trending in specific genres including Food, Lifestyle, Movies, and more.

This new expansion of exclusive content is another way VIZIO is leveraging its unique first-party viewership data historically used to serve the most relevant ads, to now curate and deliver the most relevant programming as well

Features is a good business model for VIZIO because it solves problems for viewers, advertisers and content partners alike,” said Steve DeMain, VP Engagement at VIZIO. “Our Features programming strategy delivers more of what our viewers love across multiple genres. And by developing these passionate audiences, we are not only building great sponsorship opportunities for brands, but we are also helping our content partners generate new revenue with VIZIO.”

In the coming months, VIZIO will expand its VIZIO Features offering with new channels and experiences focused on home & DIY, holidays, live concerts, naturescape programming, and more.

VIZIO Features Channels Include:


Category: Home + Food

A unique mix of today’s most popular culinary and travel TV shows alongside top digital creators and trendsetters. The channel will also feature special holiday content in the months to come. 

Since its launch, Fork & Flight has become the top food-based programming channel on WatchFree+ with 5X the viewership of any other channel within the Home + Food category.


Category: Gaming + Anime

Gamernation is a Subnation curated, always-on channel, delivering video game and esports programming from top gaming influencers and publishers like Studio71 and Complex, as well as original shows, action packed movies and the latest news from around the Metaverse


Category: Crime

Investigation unlocks the door to real crime and the unknown, giving viewers a behind-the-scenes look at investigations, as well as in-depth explorations. 

Crime is a top performing category across WatchFree+ after just a few weeks on the platform, VIZIO Investigation has become one of the top three channels on WatchFree+.


Category: Movies + TV

Prepare for take-off! Allow your imagination to take you on a sci-fi Mission to other realms and the unknown.

Since its debut just two weeks ago, Mission is already performing in the top ten channels of the sci-fi category and soon audiences can dive into episodes of Godzilla.


Category: Movies + TV

Don’t Fear getting sucked into the terror of your stream — just be prepared to scream! Enter at your own risk…In its first week, Fear has become a top horror movie channel in the horror sci-fi category.


Category: Interests + Lifestyle

Launched by cultural journalists, personalities, and music historians, Polaris exists to uncover and share stories created by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and authentically share Hip-Hop and Black culture with the world. 

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