The Vimeo OTT (VHX) Alternative You’ve Been Looking For – 2021 Comparison

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If you’ve been searching for an OTT platform to run your online video streaming business, then you’ve probably heard of Vimeo OTT (VHX).

I mean, it’s Vimeo! It paved the way for many OTT and video on demand platform companies like Uscreen and showed the world that there was a way to monetize videos outside of YouTube.

And if you’re reading this, you’re likely trying to check out some Vimeo OTT (VHX) alternatives before you commit your business to an OTT solution that may not be suited for you. After all, it is a serious commitment!

Luckily, we’re here to help. 


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Uscreen: The #1 Vimeo OTT (VHX) Alternative

Hi! We’re Uscreen a team of 100+ incredibly talented and passionate individuals, joining forces to bring you the #1 Vimeo OTT (VHX) alternative on the market. Our platform is used by over 11,000 video entrepreneurs and content creators to support over 8.5 million end-users in over 195 countries.

Based out of Washington DC, over 50% of our team is made up of software engineers who are hard at work to offer you the most powerful OTT solution out there. Uscreen is a privately held company, profitable since its very first year in 2015, and has continued to grow by 100% year-over-year since. We choose to never accept any external funding so we can guarantee that every decision we make is in the best interest of our customers, not some money-hungry man in a suit. 

Which means we don’t answer to anyone but you

Now because we’re self-reliant, and half of our team are engineers, we’re able to innovate and release new features and improvements at a significantly rapid rate that meets the fast-paced nature of the online video streaming industry. 

Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of what really sets us apart from Vimeo OTT (VHX). 

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Why Video Entrepreneurs are Choosing Uscreen Over Vimeo OTT

Uscreen isn’t just an OTT streaming platform. It’s a full OTT-business management platform that video entrepreneurs use to monetize their content and scale their businesses online. Our goal is to make Uscreen the hub of your OTT business, packed with all of the tools you need in one easy-to-use platform. 

Our philosophy is simple: “Your success is our success.” And this philosophy shines through everything we do here at Uscreen. Every feature, nook, and cranny that we built inside the Uscreen platform was built specifically for you, the video entrepreneur. And that’s how we ended up with more than just an OTT streaming platform, and how Uscreen is now a full OTT-business management solution. 

So in other words, video creators and entrepreneurs are choosing Uscreen because it helps OTT video streaming services scale and grow their businesses. 

For example, Find What Feels Good (FWFG) outgrew Vimeo OTT and migrated to Uscreen in late 2019. After joining Uscreen, FWFG increased their paying subscribers by 40% in just 90 days. 

Here’s what their founder Adriene has to say about Uscreen:

Uscreen in my opinion has the best video content management system on the market.

Prior to moving to Uscreen, we had never felt very proud of how our OTT service looked and worked. Once we launched the Uscreen service, we were so excited about it we started telling everybody and finally felt confident in actually promoting it. I attribute our revenue increase to: our excitement about it, the improved user experience, and the fact that we can now take payments via PayPal. PayPal was a huge request and our members have been using it a lot.

Adriene Mishler, founder of Find What Feels Good
10M+ YouTube Subscribers, 1.5M Instagram followers

Adriene’s FWFG is just one of the 11,000+ video businesses running their OTT video streaming services with Uscreen, including TEDxCambridge, NBC Sports, CBC Muzzy, and many more.

Let’s focus on the main things that truly set us apart from not only Vimeo OTT (VHX), but from every other OTT platform out there:

  1. Website customization and Page Builder: unmatched flexibility for code-free web design, so you can have the streaming website you want without needing to hire a developer. 
  2. 5-star Rating OTT apps: our newly launched Uscreen OTT streaming apps are taking app stores by storm with consistent 4.5-5 star reviews and stellar UX.
  3. Industry-leading Video Marketing Tools: a robust built-in video marketing suite for every Uscreen customer to grow and scale their VOD service from the ground up.
  4. Powerful live streaming: state-of-the-art live streaming technology with advanced live chat to help you ride the growing wave of live content.
  5. Robust Video Catalog and Players: specially designed video libraries and players with your viewers’ user experience in mind, all to keep them hooked on your streaming service for longer
  6. Flexible Monetization and Payout Options: create the monetization model that works for you. From SVOD to rentals and everything in between, make money on your own terms.
  7. A few other little things that make a huge difference

1. Website Customization Templates and Page Builder

Vimeo OTT (VHX) and Uscreen both offer branding and customization capabilities for your online video streaming website and OTT apps. We both allow you to create fully branded, white-label websites that your audience will never realize are being powered by another platform.

The main area where we differ from Vimeo OTT is the degree of code-free customization options we provide you. Vimeo OTT offers you 5 built-in page themes and templates, where you can customize text, colors, fonts, and images. Any further customization will need coding.

With Uscreen, on the other hand, you can build entire web pages from scratch without needing to write a single line of code; all thanks to our Page Builder. In fact, Uscreen is the only OTT platform on the market that has a code-free website builder. (Honestly, it’s a monster. We’re really proud of it).

The Uscreen Page Builder is a block page builder that functions very similarly to Wix or Squarespace – except, it’s specifically for video streaming websites. It gives you the ability to build your own web pages with 100+ built-in blocks that are completely interchangeable, without the help of a developer. You end up with stunning and professional-looking web design for your site at no extra cost to you. 

Check out Lotti Murphy, who built her video website’s homepage using our page builder:

As you can see, Lotti was able to build a unique homepage that’s completely her own without hiring a developer.

And the best part is that you can build a separate page for every day of the year and no one would stop you! There’s absolutely NO limit to how many pages you can build for your video streaming website with Uscreen! 

What other pages would you create, you may ask? Well, aside from your homepage, you can create contact pages, about pages, FAQ pages, product pages, landing pages for freebies, gift card sales pages, special events sales pages, bundles sales pages, and so much more! 

In fact, we created a guide for the 5 most essential landing pages that you should build for your video streaming website to increase revenue and convert more users:

uscreen website builder
Uscreen logo

Give Our Code-Free Website Builder a Try

2. 5-Star OTT Video Streaming Apps

Your OTT mobile and TV apps are at the heart of your business. And with us, your OTT apps are in very good hands. 

In fact, we just released a major update to our OTT apps that has been in the works for 12 months! The updates and improvements we’ve made to our apps have quickly taken our clients’ OTT apps to 4.5-5 start reviews in app stores.

Our new OTT apps follow the Apple Human Guidelines, which ensures the best user experience and engagement for purchasing, upsells, flow, and much more.

Curious to see how our beautiful new apps look and function? Take it for a test drive:

With Uscreen, you can launch any (or all) of the following OTT apps:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Roku
  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Fire TV
  • NEW! Apple Watch Fitness App

If you’re in the health and fitness industry, the Apple Watch app is a great way to compete with giants in the online fitness industry, like Apple Fitness Plus.

The Apple Watch app allows you to make every workout an immersive experience for your users by allowing them to track their own health metrics, cast their workout stats on their online video player, and control the video player from their watches.

Apple watch companion app for tracking live and on-demand content
  • Learn more about Uscreen’s Fitness Tracker Apple Watch.

OTT apps are Easy with Uscreen

So, how does it work exactly? Well, once you submit your request for OTT apps with Uscreen, you’re instantly designated an account manager who’s going to walk you through the steps you need to take so we can build you your apps: 

  1. You set up a Uscreen account and place an order for your app
  2. You get your video website ready by adding content to your catalog
  3. You set up your Developer accounts (don’t worry! Our team will help you figure that out)
  4. You provide us with your app requirements – the assets needed to build your app
  5. We review your submitted app requirements and ask for any incomplete assets
  6. We build your app, which you test and provide feedback
  7. We submit your app for approval in the app stores*
  8. After it’s published, you launch it to your customers and celebrate!

*We cannot control how long app stores take to approve your apps.

For as long as you’re with Uscreen, you’ll have the full support of our team, and we’ll regularly update your app to make sure it’s running optimally. 

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3. Video Marketing Tools to Help You Grow

Because our sole mission at Uscreen is to help you grow your OTT business, we took a step back to research the number one reason OTT businesses fail. And – surprise, surprise – the answer was simple: marketing.

The more marketing efforts that went into an OTT business, the better it performed.

Oddly enough, it was the one area no other OTT platforms were building tools for. How bizarre, right? 

So we quickly got to work to give you a robust built-in suite of marketing and analytics tools and workflows that will help you grow. Check it out:

The Uscreen platform packs a comprehensive suite of video marketing features so that our customers can access the tools they need to grow their audience and revenue. Here’s a quick recap!

  1. Reduce churn: It costs 5x more to acquire new customers than it does to keep current ones. Set up this automation once, and it will work its magic to prevent cancellations and increase customer retention. You’ll also gather priceless data on why these people were thinking of canceling in the first place so you know where you need to improve.
  1. Subscription upsell: The average lifetime value (LTV) of OTT subscribers is about 4-5 months. You can more than double your LTV by setting up subscription upsells to get your monthly subscribers to upgrade to an annual subscription. And it really works! MyTribe has 645 annual subscribers, 67% of whom were upsold from monthly subscribers to annual subscriptions at check out – all thanks to the subscription upsell tool.
  1. Leadzen: This built-in funnel tool will help you turn your leads into paying customers – all you have to do is set it up! Leadzen allows you to offer a video or bundle from your catalog in exchange for email addresses, and then nurtures them with automated emails designed to convert them into paying customers. All you have to do is set it up once and point your followers and traffic to it.
  1. Coupons: Running a sale or special offer? You can set up unlimited discount coupons. Set the discount amount (monetary or percentage), an expiry date, and a limit to how many people can redeem it. You can also limit it to work on specific content in your catalog. Vimeo OTT (VHX) also offers coupons at $1 per created coupon.
  1. Gift cards: For every $10 the average American spends, $1 is spent on buying someone a gift. Get in on that action by offering gift cards to your OTT service that people can buy as gifts for their loved ones. It’s a fantastically effective way to introduce new people to your OTT service! Vimeo OTT (VHX) also offers the ability to create gift cards. 
  1. Landing page builder: Use our famous landing page builder to create landing pages for any campaigns you’re running to drive more traffic and increase conversions.
  1. Abandoned cart: Research shows that 7 out of 10 customers on your video streaming website will abandon their online shopping carts before completing their purchase. That’s 70% of lost business! But with our abandoned cart automation, you have a second chance at converting them to clients. Set it up once, and it will send a series of emails that will help win back up to 33% of those lost sales!

Whether or not you’d consider yourself a marketer, you’ll find that Uscreen is a one-stop-shop for all of your video business growth needs – but we don’t stop there!

Besides having all the built-in marketing features and workflows listed above, you can integrate your online video streaming service with your preferred third-party tools, including:

  • Email marketing tools
  • Affiliate marketing tools
  • Productivity tools
  • Tracking and Analytics platforms
  • Collaboration tools
  • Communication platforms

Uscreen also includes a list of built-in integrations which do not require any advanced knowledge of webhooks. They are easy-to-use, click-and-connect integrations. 

  • Zapier (which allows you to connect to over 1000+ other apps with no coding required)
  • Google Analytics
  • MailChimp
  • Facebook
  • Mixpanel
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Chartmogul
  • Wistia
  • Rewardful
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn Pixel
  • Refersion
  • Hotjar
  • Drip
  • Social Media Pixels
  • And more!

And we are regularly adding more integrations for you to choose from. Meaning you can create the workflows and systems you need to effectively run your business.

Vimeo OTT supports integrations with Segment, AppsFlyer, Facebook, Google IMA, and Google Tag Manager as well and offers webhooks that allow their customers to build their own integrations with third-party platforms. 

Needless to say, we’re the only OTT platform that offers a built-in video marketing suite as robust as ours.

4. Powerful live streaming

Live streaming has dominated the video streaming space, with global watch-time for live content being up 250% since the pandemic outbreak.

So we’ve focused a lot of our resources into offering you seamless built-in live streaming technology so you can broadcast to your audience in real-time. 

Uscreen live chat feature on indie film hustle website

In addition to our HD quality streams to any device, our live streaming service comes with advanced features that will give your audience a top-notch streaming user experience.

These features include: 

  1. Live chat: allowing you to engage over 1000 people in real-time, without needing to reload the page to see new messaging coming in. You’ll have a state-of-the-art chatbox right next to your live stream’s video player with assigned moderators from your team. 
  2. Preregistration: allow your users and visitors to register to your live events ahead of time.
  3. New! Add event to calendar button: once a user has pre-registered for the live event, they’ll have the option to add the event to their personal Google, Apple or Outlook calendars right from the player.  
  4. Go-live notifications: set up automatic email and in-app notifications to go out to your audience when you go live so they don’t miss your live stream event. 
  5. Live event countdown: build anticipation and excitement with the live countdown embedded in the player to the exact minute you go live. 
  6. Flexible pricing structure: price your live events however you want! You can include them in certain subscription packages, sell them separately as one-off events, or even do a combination of both. You could also have it open for free! 
  7. Host concurrent live streams: with Uscreen, you can stream multiple live events at the same time, which is great for conference-style schedules that have multiple talks happening at once.
  8. Auto-record your live streams: your live events are automatically recorded, which you can later add to your catalog to be viewed on-demand. 
  9. New! Download Attendees CSV: need to touch base with your attendees after your live events have ended? No problem! Easily download a CSV of each events’ list of attendees.

At the end of the day, it’s the detail in the live streams you host that differentiates you from your competitor and adds value to your paying viewers.

uscreen live streaming
Uscreen logo

Smooth & Secure PPV Live Streaming

5. Industry-standard OTT Catalog & Video Player

People spend an average of 9 minutes and 24 seconds scrolling through a streaming website before deciding if they’ll pay to watch something on it.  

From the start of the game, we at Uscreen recognized this narrow window of opportunity you have to convert your traffic into paying subscribers. Meaning, a user-optimized content catalog is a make-it-or-break-it feature of your business. So, we spent years creating the perfect video streaming catalog it is today.

Our OTT content catalog has few key differentiators that make your video streaming service a hit: 

1. Custom filters to help users find content

Helping your users quickly and easily find what they need in your catalog was our #1 priority. So we developed custom filters that you can create for your catalog based on how you know your users like to browse for content.

Here’s how this looks in action! When searching, they can set the filters to search by category, duration, author, or anything else they want so they can narrow down on exactly whatever it is they’re looking for. 

2. Schedule and drip content to make publishing easier

If you’re offering a scheduled online course or challenge that you want people to be able to access in a particular order on specific days after enrollment, this feature is for you!

Setting up a drip schedule will allow you to delay the release of videos within a collection you’ve created by a set number of days that you decide on. For instance, if you’re offering a 20-day cooking challenge, you might want the user to access the Day 1 video 24 hours after they have enrolled. And you might want them to access the Day 2 video 2 full days after they’ve enrolled, and so on. You can set this all up with ease in our content management system. You can also set up email notifications to be sent to the user when their next video is available.

This is one of the most popular key differentiating features of our catalog! 

3. NEW! Continue watching feature for a seamless user experience

When your user starts watching a video or collection, it will appear under the Continue Watching category at the top of their catalog view. 

uscreen continue watching

The Continue Watching category displays the last 21 videos a user has viewed for 10 seconds or longer and allows them to resume watching where they have left off. Learn more about the Continue Watching feature. 

4. NEW! Mark as “Watched” to let your users keep track

Your users can keep track of all the content they’ve finished watching by marketing it “watched”. All of the videos that the user has watched will have a faded effect and a checkmark next to the timestamp. The videos that aren’t faded nor have a checkmark are those that haven’t been watched. Learn more about the Mark as Watched feature.

uscreen favorites feature

5. Flexible publishing that makes uploading content easy

Once you upload your videos, you can decide if you want it published immediately or scheduled to publish on a specific date (which is great for batch-creating content ahead of time)! You can also set an expiration date for chosen content to be automatically unpublished. 

On top of these key catalog differentiators, we offer all the basics you need in your streaming catalog. 

6. Flexible Monetization, Paywalls, & Payouts

We know you’re here to make money, so let’s dive into how Uscreen’s unique and flexible online video monetization options can help you do that. 

While all OTT platforms out there are also built to help you monetize your content, they’re not all built equal. We know you need flexible options and combinations of online video monetization methods to help you reach your goals. And that’s where we excel. 

Mix and Match your Monetization

When we say flexible, we mean it. 

Uscreen allows you to set up any, or all, of the following monetization methods in your business:

  1. Subscriptions. 
  2. One-time transactions.
  3. Rentals.
  4. Pay-per-view.
  5. Free trials.

With Uscreen, you don’t have to pick just one of these monetization methods for your entire OTT streaming business. You can offer every content you want however you want to offer it! You get to pick and choose, per content piece, how you want to sell access to it to people.

You can even do that within collections! A collection is a group of videos that acts as a series or a playlist within your catalog and is meant to be consumed like episodes. You can choose to offer whichever videos within the collection for free to entice people to buy access to it while having the rest of the collection locked behind a paywall. Check out how Tint Yoga has done it here: 

tint yoga collection

NEW! Multi-Tiered Subscription 

One of the most highly anticipated and most requested features we built and released this year was the Multi-Tiered Subscriptions feature. 

Tiered subscriptions allow you to offer separate access tiers within the same subscription service, each tier at a different price and granting access to a different set of content.

Let’s take the example of a 3-tier subscription offer: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Bronze will have a rather small portion of your content at a lower price point. This lower tier is a great way to get skeptical prospects converted to new subscribers. Once they are subscribers who are hooked on your amazing content, you can entice them to upgrade their plan to Silver. Silver will include everything Bronze does, but wouldn’t have quite as much as your Gold plan, while your Gold plan would contain virtually everything you offer on your subscription service.

Another popular option is a 2 tier subscription. In this example, Bronze has on-demand content only, and Silver will have on-demand and live streaming. In this scenario, Silver is an upsell for your Bronze subscribers who also want access to your live streaming events.

multi-tiered subscription feature uscreen

Easy Payment Processing and Payouts

We also pride ourselves on the ease and security of our payment processing and payout options.

With Uscreen, you can choose to process payments using: 

  1. PayPal: one of our biggest differentiators from Vimeo OTT (VHX) is that you can accept PayPal payments directly from your checkout page.  
  2. Stripe: you can connect directly to your own Stripe account for instant same-day payouts. While Vimeo OTT (VHX) does allow you to collect your payouts via Stripe, check with them to make sure you get same-day payouts rather than 30-60 pay payouts
  3. Uscreen Gateway: No Stripe? No problem! Just request our very own Uscreen Payment gateway to collect your money.
  4. connect and tap into the most flexible payment processing solution for your business.
  5. In-app purchases: accept payments directly from your OTT apps via Apple Pay! Google Pay is coming soon.
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More ways we’re different

We know we’ve given you a lot to think about already, but we’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves. 

Subscription analytics

Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is your predictable monthly revenue based on the number of subscribers in each subscription plan. These subscription analytics are helpful for reporting growth, analyzing trends, and planning for the future.

We’ve designed our MRR calculation to take into account all plan durations, whether it’s monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

HTML5 Picture-in-picture Video Player

With Uscreen, you’re able to keep your viewers engaged for longer watch-times with our unique, mini picture-in-picture player! Your user is able to exit your OTT app, move the pop-up player around their screens, and even switch tabs and apps without missing a beat!  

uscreen picture in picture

Our HTML5 video player was designed specifically for VOD and OTT delivery service and consumption. Powered by 2 global content delivery networks (CDNs), we’re able to deliver video to any device in the world with zero buffering.

With our HTML5 online video player and its robust functionality, Netflix has nothing on you!

Custom Fields on Checkout Page

When a customer is in the checkout process on your video streaming service, they’re automatically required to enter their name, email, and password. 

You get to customize the checkout workflow to your liking by adding up to 3 additional custom fields to collect any specific information you want from your customers, such as the date of birth, home address, how they heard of your service, or even their favorite color!

These text fields are a great way for you to learn about your audience through strategic questions. So use them wisely!

Direct User Access & Management

This is your business, not ours. And you can run it however you like. 

With Uscreen, you have full transparency and access to your customers. That way, you can offer them on-brand customer service that you have full control over. 

uscreen user management

With first-hand access to your users’ accounts, you get to take matters into your own hands, such as:

  • Change their passwords for them.
  • Change their invoice dates.
  • Change their access whenever you want to (which includes revoking access)
  • Check their payment history.
  • Have a record of your email history with them.
  • See any refunds they may have.
  • Manually add new users to your list.
  • And more!

You can even impersonate your users’ accounts so you can see what they see and troubleshoot any issues they may be having to better serve them. Cool, right?

This way, you get to secure pristine customer satisfaction and user experience for your users.

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