The Most Popular TV Shows on NYE in Every State and Where to Stream Them

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Now that Christmas is in the books, we’re looking forward to a brand new year. There are plenty of Christmas-themed movies and TV episodes, but what are people watching on New Year’s Eve? USDish is dishing the details with their holiday watch report, and it looks like most viewers are looking for laughs this time of year.

According to the data, 12 out of the 15 New Year holiday episodes that made the list feature comedy as their primary genre. Friends and The Office tied at the top as the most-searched TV show in January in 17 states each. The Big Bang Theory was next in line with 7 states including Montana, Colorado, Tennessee, and others.

As far as the most-watched specific episodes on NYE, Seinfeld takes the crown with S8 E20, “The Millennium,” which is a classic for ringing in the New Year. And how could the list be complete without multiple rankings from Friends? “The One with All the Resolutions,’ “The One with the Routine,” and “The One With the Monkey” were No. 2 through 4 on the list, while another Millennium themed episode, this time from The X-Files is in fifth place. The Office, Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother, and more also claimed spots for the most popular NYE TV show episodes.

Where to Stream

Seinfeld – Netflix

Friends – HBO Max

The X-Files – Hulu

The Big Band Theory – HBO Max

Doctor Who – HBO Max

Modern Family – Hulu, Peacock

How I Met Your Mother – Hulu

That 70’s Show – Netflix

The Office – Peacock

Parks and Recreation – Peacock

Mad Men – IMDb TV

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