The Most Popular Bad Christmas Movies in the U.S.

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While Christmas time is filled with classic holiday movies we love to rewatch every year like Home Alone, Elf, White Christmas, and so many more, there are also those we’d be happy to never see again.

Some of these ‘bad’ Christmas movies have made a name for themselves because of their notoriously poor acting, storylines, or just overall non-appeal. The folks at have done us all a favor and compiled the data of the most popular bad Christmas movies in the U.S., so at least you’ll know what to avoid, or hate watch if you’re in the mood.

Topping the list is Jingle All The Way, a movie I was recently trying to convince someone actually existed. The 1996 comedy stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a desperate father who runs all over town in search of a Turbo Man action figure for his son for Christmas.

Other rankings on this list include some you may or may not have even heard of (which might mean you have great taste?), while I will vehemently disagree that number 12, Christmas With the Kranks, is iconic and shouldn’t be on this list at all.

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