Test Your Video Streaming Quality with Ookla Speedtest App Update

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Ookla Speedtest, an app used to test metrics like upload and
download speeds, has updated its iOS app to allow users to test their internet
streaming quality. Testing is free and currently available only with the iOS
app, with more platforms coming.

In an announcement about the update, Ookla says that the testing works by playing a video to measure how well video can stream on your network, giving a more accurate measurement than you’d get by estimating streaming quality based on other metrics.

“While network speed certainly impacts your video
experience, providers routinely prioritize video traffic differently than other
traffic, Ookla says. “This means that video can perform very differently than
the rest of the things you do online, no matter how fast the download speed of
your network.”

“If your video test results reveal that you are frequently
not able to stream well, you can use your video test history to advocate for
yourself when talking to your provider.”

You’ll find the new test in a tab at the bottom of the app. Tap
on the video icon to start testing your network’s video streaming quality.

iOS users can download the Speedtest by Ookla app in the App Store.

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