TCL’s New Soundbar Lets You Wirelessly Connect to Roku TVs

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Amid TCL’s product announcements during CES 2021 is the unveiling of a new soundbar with a nifty trick. The TCL Alto R1 soundbar is its first wireless option — the company says all you’ll need is a power cord. Compatible Roku TVs should connect to the soundbar and start guiding you through the setup process without the need to physically connect to the display.

Aside from reducing cable clutter, TCL says the Alto R1should also improve ease of use, since you’ll be able to control it through your current Roku TV remote.

A demonstration of TCL's soundbar setup process
TCL says all you’ll need to do is plug in their new Alto R1 soundbar and your Roku TV will walk you through setup.
Image: TCL

The Alto R1’s fancy wireless capabilities come courtesy of a new wireless reference design Roku announced elsewhere during CES 2021.

“[W]ith the introduction of our new wireless soundbar reference design, we are continuing to expand our home entertainment eco-system to ensure consumers can pair any Roku TV with great sound,” Mustafa Ozgen, senior vice president of Account Acquisition at Roku, said in a press release.

The rest of TCL’s upcoming Alto lineup includes the Alto 82i, which features Dolby Atmos, dual subwoofers, and support for Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple AirPlay. That model should be ready in Q3. Meanwhile, the Alto 8e will be available in a 3.2.1 setup with upward-firing speakers and a wireless subwoofer. TCL says we can expect that model in Q2.

CES 2021 is in full swing and we’ll have much more coverage all week long. Stay tuned for more news from the virtual showfloor.

Featured image: TCL

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