TCL Unveils 85” TVs for the Home Theater Experience

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With more movies
going straight to stream concurrently with theater releases, TCL wants to give
consumers a way to improve their home theater experience. This week, the company
unveiled its new XL Collection of TVs over 80 inches and with some new

Along with being
the largest screens available from TCL, the new lineup is also made up of the
largest Roku TV models on the market globally.

The XL Collection includes
three 85” models that will roll out this year and “will feature performance
levels for every kind of home theater.” The 85” 4-Series TCL Roku TV offers 4K
HDR streaming. The 85” 4K HDR Roku TV with QLED brings wide color technology
picture quality. And the ultimate 85” 8K TV features TCL’s highest performance
display technologies.

“In 2020, sales of
big-screen TVs delivered significant growth – nearly doubling 2019 – with even
more growth expected in 2021 as many consumers choose to invest in their home
entertainment systems for premium content. Never before have first-run movies been
released by streaming platforms at the same time as their theater debut, like
Godzilla vs. Kong, which premiered at the TCL Chinese Theatre and HBO Max last
month. Even though we’re finally seeing theaters open up, people have
discovered the joy and simplicity of watching blockbuster movies at home,” said
Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL.

To create a true
movie going experience, TCL says sitting about six feet back from one the TVs
from the. XL Collection will deliver the same 60-degree field of view that is available
from watching a film on a theater screen from middle row center seats.

Collection represents this next stage in the TV industry – large-size, powerful
televisions that deliver premier movie-going experiences in the comfort and
safety of your own living room – and we’re excited for users to get back that
cinematic magic. Being one of only three global TV brands with full vertical
integration, TCL continues to expand its big-screen production capacity to make
the largest television screens with best-in-class imaging technology more
accessible than ever. Thus, allowing TCL to maintain its status of number two
selling brand of TVs in the United States and drive even more success.”

The 85” 4 Series TCL Roku TV is now available. The 85” QLED TCL Roku TV is available for presale. And the 85” OD Zero Mini-LED 8K TV will be added to the collection later this year.

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