Tablo Launches the Quad HDMI OTA DVR

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In November, Tablo introduced the Tablo Dual HDMI DVR, allowing users to record content from over the air channels. Now, Nuvyyo, the maker of Tablo, has launched the four tuner version of the OTA DVR.

With four onboard ATSC 1.0 tuners, this OTA DVR gives you the flexibility to watch or record up to four programs at once. The HDMI connector directly hooks up to your TV and the device comes with its own remote, all of which Tablo says offers a more traditional DVR setup.

Those who have used a Tablo device in the past will find the
same user friendly interface. When you get your device and plug it in, you’ll
be greeted with Tablo’s on-screen setup instructions that will take you through
the process of setting your location, finding your channels, and choosing your

While you’ll need internet access for that initial setup
process, after that you can watch live and recorded programming without an
internet connection. You’ll just need to connect every two weeks. Tablo says
the Quad HDMI allows users to fit around 130 hours of recordings on a 1 TB
drive, so you can load up content and use your Tablo at home or wherever you

Tablo Quad HDMI OTA DVRs are available now exclusively at for $199.99.

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