Sony Adds YouTube TV to PlayStation 5’s Streaming App Library

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Google’s YouTube TV might have disappeared from Roku’s platforms while the two sides hash out a new deal, but the live TV streaming service is still popping up elsewhere — like Sony’s PlayStation 5 game console. Firing up the console this week shows that the app is available to download alongside a selection of other streaming options, including Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max. The hard-to-find game console was added to YouTube TV’s list of supported devices, joining the older PlayStation 4, which started offering the app back in January 2020.

Its appearance comes some six months after the console’s debut last November. Meanwhile, the YouTube TV app has been available on rival Microsoft’s Xbox Series S and Series X from day one and it’s also available on the older Xbox One line. If you’re curious how these latest consoles stack up as streaming devices, we put the PS5 through its paces shortly after its launch last year. Beyond that, further testing revealed that both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S/X lines make for capable, if power-hungry streaming options.

Display screen for YouTube on PlayStation 5

So if the ongoing feud between Google and Roku has left you looking for alternatives to access YouTube TV (maybe you’re a new subscriber that couldn’t download the app before it disappeared from Roku’s storefront), you now have another platform option to choose from. That is, of course, if you managed to secure a PlayStation 5.

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