Popcornflix Relaunches with New Look and User Experience

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Crackle Plus, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, Inc. company announced that its free streaming service Popcornflix has relaunched with a new redesign. The new features include updated branding and offers an improved user experience with enhanced app features, new search functionality and navigation scheme, and improved playback performance putting the content in the hands of fans instantly.

 “With its totally redesigned look and user experience, the new Popcornflix super-serves its fans with an exciting offering of Adventure and Action movies and TV shows, including a new slate of Originals and Exclusives,” said Philippe Guelton, President of Crackle Plus.

In addition, Popcornflix is launching its first Original documentary feature, Hollywood Bulldogs which will be available on the platform on Nov. 1.

Hollywood Bulldogs tells the rough-and-tumble story of the small community of British stunt performers who went on to dominate Hollywood in the 1970s and 80s. They choreographed, created, and performed the iconic action sequences of 007, Indiana Jones, Superman, Rambo, Star Wars, Conan, the Alien films and more. They crashed cars, jumped from burning buildings, shot, stabbed, kicked and punched their way into cinema history.

“The new Popcornflix is the home for all the action movies you love. And with compelling documentaries like Hollywood Bulldogs, we’ll also take you behind the scenes to see how all the magic happens,” said Jeff Meier, head of programming at Crackle Plus. “We are ramping up our efforts to bring more thrilling blockbusters and TV content to Popcornflix, so this is just the beginning!”

The new Popcornflix is now available on FireTV, AppleTV, Roku, Android, and iOS and more platforms.

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