Pluto TV Adds 4 New Spanish Language Channels to Its Free Streaming Service

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Just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month, Pluto TV has launched four new channels. Viewers will now find family content, court drama, and fan favorite series streaming for free in Spanish.

Here are the new channels now streaming on Pluto TV:

Pelís y Popcorn

English: Pop, pop, pop! Ready up your popcorn, nice and
warm, and gather the whole family for some fun! It’s time for family movie
hour. Welcome to Pelîs y Popcorn! We’ll be your favorite channel to enjoy the
best in comedy, action, and animation full of comforting moments you can share
with the entire family.

Series con Ñ:

English: The best series in Spanish are available 24/7 on
Series con Ñ so you can enjoy programming in your language. You’ll be
entertained, moved and surprised. You’ll love Series con Ñ.

Sala de parejas

English: The first court show with Ana María Polo, which
inspired Caso Cerrado. It became an unprecedented success for Hispanic
television. Litigants expose their personal problems and seek a verdict to help
solve them. The conflicts are generally conjugal, between friends, neighbors or
ex-partners. Plaintiffs and defendants sign irrevocable contracts and agree to
abide by the final verdict.


English: If you are ready to venture out into the world no
matter how young you are, then Grande-ish is the place for you. Get out there,
take chances, be brave and let your voice be heard!

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