Pluto TV Adds 4 New Channels to Its Lineup

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Pluto TV is once again adding to its lineup of entertainment
channels. This time, the four new additions are in the Gaming category.

Here are the four channels now available on Pluto TV:

Gameplay Roblox (Channel 816): The most amazing
gamers creating experiences and playing through the Roblox universe!

Gameplay Fortnite (Channel 817): We bring you the
best of Fortnite content every day! Watch the latest updates, most insane
hacks, and awesome gameplay videos from lightning fast build battles to
how-to’s from your favorite streamers and pro players!

Gameplay Sports (Channel 818): The funniest and
craziest gameplay moments across sport games! Gameplay has partnered with
streamer across NBA2K, FIFA, Madden and more. Tune in to check out the most
awesome stunts, secret hacks, and mind-blowing sports footage.

Gameplay Call of Duty (Channel 819): The best Call of
Duty videos daily, featuring the latest updates, craziest builds, insane hacks,
and pure adrenaline-filled action. The best players and your favorite creators
bring you jaw dropping action moments and specials.

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