Plex Introduces New ‘Super Sonic’ Music Feature

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Today, Plex is introducing a new feature for Plex Pass users
to enjoy their music collections in a new way. Super Sonic uses a unique music
genome, custom built by the Plex team, just for music lovers.

Here’s how Plex describes the new feature:

Unlike other mixers, Super Sonic is based on sound, rather
than metadata, which can be limited and often doesn’t cover more obscure or
indie bands. Tapping the power of AI, Super Sonic is an advanced neural network
that maps and analyzes every track in your library to create a recommended
playlist based on which tracks sound sonically similar. For example, if you
only have the last two hipster-folk Taylor Swift albums, which are very
different from her earlier work, Sonically Similar Artists will reflect that
fact and create a playlist accordingly.

The goal of Super Sonic is to take you on a journey through
your music library unlike any you’ve ever been on – it’s just one more way Plex
is helping to personalize your media, YOUR way.

With Super Sonic, you’ll get suggestions for related tracks –
songs from your library that have a similar sound. Plex will also create mixes
for you, based on your favorite albums with some sonically similar titles mixed
in, or create track or album radios based on the music you want to listen to.

To use Super Sonic, you’ll need a paid Plex Pass account (you can sign up on the Plex website for $4.99/month) and the current Plex Media Server. macOS, Windows, and Linux only, and ARM CPUs are not supported with the feature.

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