PlayStation 5 Adds CBS News App to Streaming Library

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It looks like Sony is gradually building up its stable of streaming apps for its new, high-powered video game console, the PlayStation 5. In addition to the HBO Max app that was made available this week, PS5 users now have access to the CBS News app as well.

As we mentioned in our recent look at these new consoles, streaming app support on both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and X platforms has gotten off to a solid start, but with clear room for improvement in terms of both overall selection and feature parity. At the moment, the Xbox side offers more streaming app choices with roughly 50 currently available, but the addition of HBO Max and CBS News brings the PlayStation total to 22.

Beyond the quantity, we’re still awaiting updates to specific apps to add in currently missing features, like the lack of 4K support in the PS5’s Disney+ app. But as we pointed out in our next-gen console article, gaming and overall system stability are, understandably, the main focus for both Sony and Microsoft when it comes to launching and improving their respective new hardware. We fully expect streaming app support to only improve over time, and the appearance of more streaming choices is certainly an encouraging sign.

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