Peacock Could be Coming to Fire TV Soon

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Peacock has certainly made a splash in the streaming world, making it to most of the major platforms within its first year on the market. The Peacock app is currently available on Apple devices including Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, Google Chromecast, Playstation, and Android devices, Roku, and more. But noticeably missing from the list of compatible hosting platforms is Fire TV.

Right now, Peacock is currently unavailable as an option on Amazon Fire TV, but that could change soon. During an address at a Morgan Stanley investor conference, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts hinted at working towards widespread availability for Peacock in the near future.

“We’re not on every platform yet with Peacock. We’re on most. We hope and believe we’ll get to all the major platforms soon,” Roberts said.

Although he didn’t mention Fire TV specifically, the CTV platform definitely falls under the “major platforms” category.

While Comcast lost cable viewers in Q4 2020, its streaming business has been booming. At the Morgan Stanley conference, Roberts also talked about the success the company has been seeing with Flex, the streaming service for its broadband subscribers.

“We’re at about 50% engagement with the people who have Flex so that’s an opportunity to increase that engagement and take advantage of the fact that they then think more highly of the company and churn less,” Roberts said.

In January, Comcast reported that Peacock has reached 33 million sign-ups, up from 22 million signups reported in Q3.

Comcast and NBCUniversal have been working to continue growing Peacock, by bringing more sports content to the service when NBCSN shuts down and adding WWE content to the service in March. The streamer also saw a huge spike in subscribers at the beginning of the year seeing more paying sign-ups around the time of The Office‘s arrival than it did for its launch back in July 2020.

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