Over Half of Disney+ Subscribers are Adult-Only Households

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Disney+ is definitely branded as a family-friendly streaming service with plenty of cartoons and kids’ content. But there’s also a sizable portion of its library that’s content aimed at adults, and that’s been solidified after the streamer recently launched Star to fill the demand for adult content. The new Disney entertainment brand includes series and movies for adults like Family Guy, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy, Deadpool, Borat, and Sons of Anarchy.

Disney has revealed that more than half of the streamers’ demographic is adult-only households, a factor that drove the development of Star.

“When 50% of the people in Disney Plus don’t have kids, you really have the opportunity now to think much more broadly about the nature of your content,” said Disney CEO Bob Chapek during the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecommunications Conference this week.

Disney+ has also been able to pull in substantial interest with National Geographic, Star Wars, and Marvel content that appeals to adults. With a large portion of subscribers looking for more mature themes and content, it sounds like Disney will continue to lean into the needs of those subscribers.

“The first obviously is no surprise is going to be the original content under our powerhouse, five core brands that go into Disney Plus. That’s obviously priority one,” Chapek said.

“But the second priority two is really these general entertainment offerings that I mentioned earlier, because of the success that we’ve had with broad appeal beyond just the family households. So that was another one. And again, that was relatively no news. We knew that we had interest in those general entertainment offerings, but didn’t really realize how important they could be towards our overall proposition, if you will.”

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