Orby TV Has Closed Down

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Orby TV has gone out of business. There has been speculation about the shut down over the past couple weeks but the company had not released a statement until today.

A message on the satellite service’s website now reads:

Dear Orby TV Customer,

We are sorry to announce that Orby TV has closed its doors, and the Orby TV service has ended. It was an honor to serve you.

To provide you with an affordable satellite TV option going forward, we have coordinated with DISH on a special offer for Orby TV customers. This includes a monthly DISH programming package for $52.99 (includes first receiver) and cost to switch as low as $100. For more information about this limited time offer, please call DISH at 844-268-3304 and mention the offer code ORBY or visit dish.com/orby.


Your friends at Orby TV

News of the shut down comes after Orby TV’s website and social media accounts went dark last week, only showing a message that the service wasn’t accepting new customers at the time.

Orby TV launched in 2019, with a mission to “bring transparency back to television.” The inexpensive, no-contract service was meant to offer an alternative to cable plans and was ideal for those who wanted to break free from cable but didn’t have access to high speed internet in their area.

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