Nielsen is Overhauling Its TV Ratings System to be More Streaming Inclusive

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Nielsen announced that it will be phasing out its current TV ratings system and replacing it with a more accurate structure that will include more streaming data. The new setup called Nielsen ONE will start rolling out by the end of next year and is expected to be fully in place by 2024, Deadline reports.

Nielsen ONE will provide “a single, comparable metric for TV and digital that will provide video consumption across all platforms, services and devices. For media buyers and sellers, this means better monetizing their assets and maximizing their investments,” said Karthik Rao, COO of Nielsen, adding that the company has made “significant enhancements over the last year to turbocharge the tech and data science required to make an industry-wide cross-media solution a reality.”

“With the rapidly evolving landscape and on-going shifts in consumer behavior, it is no longer acceptable to take a siloed approach to our clients’ video plans,” Doug Ray, CEO of media agency Dentsu Media, said in the official announcement. “Cross-media measurement is paramount to maximize reach across platforms with the right frequency. We are encouraged by Nielsen’s commitment to a single measurement solution and unified framework that will drive comparability across TV and digital video so that our clients can better allocate dollars and maximize ROI.”

The new rating method will require programmers, tech companies, and advertisers to be on board, who have met a more streaming inclusive approach with a lot of resistance in the past. Yet things are looking promising from an investor standpoint. Nielsen shares are up 2% to $17.58, their highest level since February.

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