Netflix’s Breakout ‘Firefly Lane’ Tops Nieslen’s Streaming Chart

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Nielsen continues to improve its measuring system for streaming as digital content carves out its space in the world. Recently, the ratings service added categories to group what types of streaming content are measured against each other. Nielsen now rates streaming content in terms of Originals, Acquired, and Movies, so the ratings are a more accurate audience representation.

Netflix’s Firefly Lane topped the Originals chart for the first week of February pulling in more than 1300 million minutes of viewing time over its 10 episodes. The Katherine Heigl/Sarah Chalk drama premiered February 3. The streamer’s Christmas phenom Bridgerton held fast in second place although it had less that half the amount of viewing time as Firefly Lane.

Disney+ rolled into third place with WandaVision, breaking Netflix’s would-be chart domination. Another noticeable show to register was Go Dog Go, an animated children’s show that’s new to Netflix as of the last week in January.

In the acquired category, Netflix was able to pull off a clean sweep of all 10 spots on the chart. Criminal Minds is clearly a fan favorite that landed at No.1, followed by the ever-popular Greys Anatomy. The 2017 telenova Jenni Rivera: Mariposa de Barrio holds third place, followed by Schitt’s Creek which has consistenly ranked throughout 2020.

As far as movies go, Netflix and Disney+ play a game of leap frog all the way down the chart with the long-time streamer solidifying spots No.1 and 2 with its British drama The Dig and Finding ‘Ohana as two Brooklyn teens connect with their heritage during a summer on Oʻahu. Disney’s Moana was in third place, and later showed up again on the list with the evergreen Frozen and Frozen II making appearances in No. 7 and No. 10.

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