‘Mortal Kombat’ Had HBO Max’s Best Opening Weekend So Far

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Coming off the success of Godzilla vs. Kong, HBO Max had another great opening weekend with WarnerBros’ Mortal Kombat with nearly 3.8 million US households streaming the hugely popular computer game adaptation over the weekend. Peak viewership happened on Friday with 1.7 million households watching, according to an analysis by Samba TV.

Up until now, Godzilla vs. Kong was the top performer for HBO Max. But Mortal Kombat had more viewership in just three days than Godzilla had in its first five. Godzilla vs Kong was released on a Wednesday night which might have had some effect on viewership. But there’s no doubt Mortal Kombat has a massive fanbase who were eager to stream a film from the iconic franchise.

The weekend Mortal Kombat audience skewed slightly female (+2.2%) and younger (44 years old and below) with Black (+37%) Hispanic (+28%) and Asian (+1.4%) viewers also over-indexing.

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