How to Watch Maple Leafs at Kings & All Other NHL Week 7 Games on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV & More

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The National Hockey League’s regular-season skates into Week 5 with a loaded lineup of games. Heading into Week 6, Edmonton Oilers have a pair of phenoms leading the league in points with Leon Draisaiti (35) and Connor McDavid (32). Draisaiti leads the NHL in goals with 18.

At 11-2, Frederik Andersen leads the NHL in wins, as the Carolina Hurricanes continue to take the league by storm with their 14-2 record. As the Metropolitan Division leaders, the Hurricanes’ biggest competition is the 13-2-3 Florida Panthers in the Atlantic Division.

Fans will be in attendance throughout the league to cheer their favorite team on the ice. Cord cutters can find out how to watch all of Week 6’s NHL action, below.

Monday, November 22 – Results

Game Time Network
Columbus Blue Jackets 7 at Buffalo Sabres 4 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, MSG-B, BSOH
Vegas Golden Knights 2 at St. Louis Blues 5 8:00 PM ET NHLN, TVAS, BSMW, ATTSN-RM
Anaheim Ducks 2 at Nashville Predators 3 8:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSSO, BSSC, BSSD
Ottawa Senators 5 at Colorado Avalanche 7 8:30 PM ET ESPN+, SN1, ALT, RDS
Pittsburgh Pirates 3 at Winnipeg Jets 1 8:30 PM ET ESPN+, SN, ATTSN-PT
Carolina Hurricanes 1 at San Jose Sharks 2 10:30 PM ET ESPN+, NBSCA, BSSO

Tuesday, November 23 – Results

Game Time Network
Philadelphia Flyers 0 at Tampa Bay Lightning 4 7:00 PM ET ESPn+, SNE, SNO, SNP, TVAS, BSSUN, NBCSP
Edmonton Oilers 1 at Dallas Stars 4 8:30 PM ET ESPN+, Hulu, SNW
Chicago Blackhawks 2 at Calgary Flames 5 9:00 PM ET ESPN+, SN1, NBCSCH

Wednesday, November 24

Game Time Network
Boston Bruins at Buffalo Sabres 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, MSG-B, NESN
Philadelphia Flyers at Florida Panthers 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSFL, NBCSP
Minnesota Twins at New Jersey Devils 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, MSG+, BSN, BSWI+
Vancouver Canucks at Pittsburgh Penguins 7:00 PM ET NHLN, SNP, ATTSN-PT
Montréal Canadiens at Washington Capitals 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, SN1, SNE, SNO, NBCSWA+, RDS
Winnipeg Jets at Columbus Blue Jackets 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, SNW, BSOH
St. Louis Blues at Detroit Red Wings 7:30 PM ET ESPN+, BSDET+, BSMW
NY Rangers at NY Islanders 7:30 PM ET ESPN+, MSG+ 2, MSG
Vegas Golden Knights at Nashville Predators 8:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSSO, ATTSN-RM
Anaheim Ducks at Colorado Avalanche 9:00 PM ET ESPN+, ALT, BSSC, BSSD
Toronto Maple Leafs at Los Angeles Kings 10:00 PM ET TNT, SNO
Carolina Hurricanes at Seattle Kraken 10:00 PM ET ESPN+, ROOT-NW, BSSO
Edmonton Oilers at Arizona Coyotes 10:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSAZ+, SNW
Ottawa Senators at San Jose Sharks 10:30 PM ET ESPN+, NBCSCA, TSN5, RDS

Friday, November 26

Game Time Network
NY Rangers at Boston Bruins (2021 NHL Thanksgiving Showdown) 1:00 PM ET ESPN+, ABC  SN
St. Louis Blues at Chicago Blackhawks 3:30 PM ET ESPN+, HULU
Winnipeg Jets at Minnesota Vikings 3:30 PM ET ESPN+, BSN, BSWI, TSN3
Carolina Hurricanes at Philadelphia Flyers 3:30 PM ET ESPN+, SN, NBCSP, BSSO
Ottawa Senators at Anaheim Ducks 4:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSW, TSN5, RDS
Florida Panthers at Washington Capitals 5:00 PM ET ESPN+, NBCSWA, BSFL
New Jersey Devis at Nashville Predators 6:00 PM ET ESPN+, HULU
Montréal Canadiens at Buffalo Sabre 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, MSG-B, TSN2, RDS
Seattle Kraken at Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSSUN, ROOT-NW
Vancouver Canucks at Columbus Blue Jacks 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSOH, SNP
Colorado Avalanche at Dallas Stars 7:30 PM ET ESPN+, BSSW, ALT2
Pittsburgh Penguins at NY Islanders 7:30 PM ET ESPN+, SNE, SNO, SNW, TVAS, MSG+, ATTSN-PT
Toronto Maple Leafs at San Jose Sharks 10:30 PM ET ESPN+, NBCSCA, SNO

Saturday, November 27

Game Time Network
Seattle Kraken at Florida Panthers 6:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSFL, ROOT-NW
Edmonton Oilers at Vegas Golden Knights 7:00 PM ET NHLN, CITY, SNW, SNP, ATTSN-RM
Ottawa Senators at Los Angeles Kings 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, SN1, TVAS2, BSW
Buffalo Sabres at Detroit Red Wings 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSDET, MSG-B
Montréal Canadiens at Pittsburgh Penguins 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, CBC, SNE, SNO, TVAS, ATTSN-PT
Dallas Stars at Arizona Coyotes 8:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSAZ+, BSSW+
Columbus Blue Jackets at St. Louis Blues 8:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSMW, BSOH
Nashville Predators at Colorado Avalanche 9:00 PM ET ESPN+, ALT, BSSO
Winnipeg Jets at Calgary Flame 10:00 PM ET ESPN+, CBC, SN, CITY

Sunday, November 28

Game Time Network
Washington Capitals at Carolina Hurricanes 1:00 PM ET ESPN+, SN, BSSO, NBCSWA
Tampa Bay Lightning at Minnesota Timberwolves 2:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSN, BSWI, BSSUN
NY Islanders at NY Rangers 6:00 PM ET NHLN, TVAS, MSG, MSG+ 2
San Jose Sharks at Chicago Blackhawks 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, NBCSCH, NBCSCA
Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, SN, NESN
Philadelphia Flyers at New Jersey Devils 7:00 PM ET ESPN+, MSG+, NBCSP
Toronto Maple Leafs at Anaheim Ducks 8:00 PM ET ESPN+, BSSC, BSSD, TSN4

Where to Watch NHL Games This Week

With a full schedule of NHL games across the country, fans have plenty of choices when it comes to watching each game from the opening face-off to the goal.

AntennaWeb is a great tool you can use to find out which affiliate in your area will broadcast NHL games on ABC.

ESPN+: Watch select NHL games throughout the season on ESPN+ for $6.99 per month, or save over 15% with an ESPN+ Annual Plan at $69.99 per year. ESPN+ will stream every non-national out-of-market game throughout the 2021-22 NHL regular season.

Hulu with Live: Hulu will be home to over 75 games this season. Cord cutters can subscribe to Hulu and watch thousands of hours of content from their expanding library and live hockey games starting at $64.99 per year.

Disney Bundle: The Disney Bundle brings you ESPN+, Hulu, and Disney+ at a discounted price of $13.99/mo for Hulu (Ad-Supported) or for $19.99/mo. with Hulu (No Ads). The Bundle gives you access to everything on Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+. If you upgrade your bundle to include Hulu with Live, that includes over 75 nationally televised games on Hulu, 11 national games simulcasted on ABC, and over 1,000 out-of-market games.

Subscribers to live TV streaming services can check out our chart below to see if your service will be streaming today’s games.

Channel DIRECTV STREAM fuboTV Hulu with Live Sling Orange Sling Blue YouTube TV
$69.99 $64.99 $64.99 $35 $35 $64.99
NHL Network 94.99 $10/mo. with the Sports Lite package add-on +$11/mo. with the Sports Extra package add-on +$11/mo. with the Sports Extra package add-on
Altitude 84.99
AT&T SportsNet Pittsburgh 84.99 X
AT&T SportsNet Rocky Mountain 84.99 X
AT&T SportsNet Southwest 84.99 X
Bally Sports Arizona 84.99
Bally Sports Carolinas 84.99
Bally Sports Detroit 84.99
Bally Sports Florida 84.99
Bally Sports Midwest 84.99
Bally Sports North 84.99
Bally Sports Ohio 84.99
Bally Sports San Diego 84.99
Bally Sports SoCal 84.99
Bally Sports South 84.99
Bally Sports Southeast 84.99
Bally Sports Southwest 84.99
Bally Sports Sun 84.99
Bally Sports Tennessee 84.99
Bally Sports West 84.99
Bally Sports Wisconsin 84.99
MSG 84.99 X
MSG+ 84.99 X
NBC Sports Bay Area 84.99 X X X
NESN 84.99 X X
NBC Sports California 84.99 X X X
NBC Sports Chicago 84.99 X X X
NBC Sports Philadelphia X X X
NBC Sports Washington 84.99 X X X
Root Sports Northwest 84.99 X
SportsNet NY 84.99 X X X

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