Google Maps of indoor: Oxford-based Navenio secures £400K to help the frontline fight COVID-19

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Navenio, the healthcare scale-up whose location-based technology has been shown to double the throughput of hospital teams, has secured a £400,000 grant from the UK government and Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, to address the impact of COVID-19 on hospitals.

The money was awarded to projects that seek to mitigate the health, social, economic, cultural and environmental impacts of the COVID-19 outbreak.

Commenting on the development, Tim Weil, CEO of Navenio, said: “We are delighted to have received this funding from UKRI and Innovate UK. With COVID-19 still presenting significant challenges to healthcare systems this funding will help us to continue dramatically improving patient flow within hospitals around the UK by prioritising tasks for individual teams. With COVID-19 cases rising it is crucial that hospitals are prepared and have access to the best technology to assist them during these tough times.”

Adding to the same, Ian Campbell, Executive Chair of Innovate UK commented: “With COVID-19 still an ever-present challenge in the UK and across the globe, our working lives, social encounters, and travel plans are continually being disrupted. Businesses like Navenio have stepped up to the challenge and produced technology which aims to solve these issues. Those awarded funding from our competition will support the UK in delivering potential solutions and services to facilitate our recovery from the pandemic.”

Navenio: So, how does it work?

A spin-out of Oxford University, Navenio is like a Google Maps for indoors. It provides infrastructure-free indoor location solutions, the equivalent of GPS for use indoors, to power a range of apps and platforms in sectors including healthcare. In brief, using only a smartphone’s sensors, the fusion of four unique technologies creates a highly scalable indoor location, providing actionable insight immediately. This in turn feeds Navenio’s intelligent workforce scheduler for optimum performance.

The technology can work with or without a building map and is robust to within a few meters. It also has no reliance on traditional location systems such as GPS, Beacons or RFID.

Is it already being used?

The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated an already urgent need to improve resource management in hospitals across the UK due to increased demand and staff sickness. Hospitals use Navenio’s AI-led ‘Intelligent Workforce Solution’ (IWS) which is built on indoor geolocation technology. Relying only on smartphone data, it requires no infrastructure and no building surveys.

The location technology is already live in a number of NHS hospitals where it is in full time 24×7 use, as is the Navenio Tasking solution. An effective working solution can often be provided at hospitals within one month, and we are gearing up to be able to deploy up to one site a day within 2 months.

How do Navenio charge?

There is a flexible recurring licence model that can adapt to multiple scenarios and varying levels of professional services support for organisations to deploy. Navenio has flexible payment terms, contract lengths and discount structures to accommodate varying scenarios (multiple sites, multiple modules, reference sites, rapid adopters etc.).

Types of solutions if offers

The Navenio solution has already proven in a number of NHS hospitals that it can double the throughput of existing hospital teams such as porters and cleaners, simply by making far better use of their time as they become increasingly stretched. This in turn has been shown to free up spare capacity (up to 30%) and create a truly reportable service level – increasing patient safety in the process.

Knowing team’s precise locations in hospitals helps to ensure the right person is helping in the right location every time. This can relieve the increasing pressure on patient flow, whilst also ensuring each individual is helped to do their roles safely, which is so important at this critical time. It also avoids clinical time being taken up by portering and cleaning tasks, which often happens to keep things moving.

Specific solutions that Navenio can help with that are particularly relevant to Covid-19 are:

Infection Control Rapid Response Cleaning

To help manage and account for a rising volume of infection cleans and associated workflows – maximising the use and effectiveness of available resources, to help fight the spread of infection through a site, including task overflow to additional workgroups at peak demand.

Porter Tasking

To help manage and account for a rising volume of portering tasks and associated workflows – including the option to act as a ‘gatekeeper’ for patient moves, avoiding the inadvertent movement of patients with high risk infection states or moving potentially vulnerable patients to areas with infection risk, and providing task overflow to additional workgroups at peak demand.

Staff Support

To help manage the extra workflows required to support staff working extended shifts – for example via the coordination of delivery of sustenance or key equipment.

Location Only

The underlying indoor location technology provides details of current and past movements of staff via their smartphones – which can either provide valuable data to aid confirmation of where a staff member at infection risk has travelled between over a period of time, or can be integrated into existing applications to provide staff presence, proximity and audit services

How will the funding be used?

With the new grant funding, Navenio will accelerate the processing of maps by further automating feature extraction and processing of floorplans, which will enable a ten-fold improvement in deployment speed. Navenio will also extend the current IWS functionality of its software to accommodate the rising demand for cleaning, infection control, risk assessment, and gatekeeping of patients’ movements, which will be critical in managing COVID-19 in understaffed hospitals.

In addition, it will provide data analytics which will draw insights on resource utilisation and how to increase capacity and reduce risk. This will result in the first UK-wide statistics on resources utilisation and will help local management make key decisions across hospitals and at different stages of the pandemic.

Further, the UK startup has an established team of more than 60 people which continues to grow and it is also a finalist in the KPMG British Tech Pioneers 2020 Programme and its technology has won both commercial and academic awards.

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