Disney+ is Removing Certain Titles to Fix Upload Issues

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Disney+ has temporarily removed some titles to fix issues that occurred when they were first uploaded. Mickey Mouse Mixed-Up Adventures, Mission Force One, and So Random are all missing from the Disney+ library while the streamer fixes some issues with how they were originally uploaded to the platform. But not to worry, it’s likely the titles will return shortly. In the past, Disney+ has had a problem with some titles uploading incorrectly, including uploading every episode of a series into a single playlist without breaking them out into individual seasons, or adding episodes in the wrong order.

This isn’t the first time Disney+ has pulled titles from its library for the same reason. Earlier this month, Schoolhouse RockSpider-Man: The Animated Series, and The Incredible Hulk: The Animated Series all went missing from the platform.

Unrelated, other reasons you might find titles leaving Disney+ have to do with licensing agreements. Certain titles might leave Disney+ and land at another streaming service under contract for a period of time.

Despite a few snafu’s like these uploading errors, Disney+ has had a solid performance as a streaming service and as far as user experience goes. The streamer recently reached more than 103 million paid subscribers and is on track to generate $1 billion in revenue every month.

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