Crunchyroll Launches Crunchyroll Beta

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Anime streaming service Crunchyroll announced today the launch of Crunchyroll Beta, a new beta experience for Crunchyroll Premium users. The new experience includes a mobile responsive experience, updated homepage, redesigned browse and watch pages, new search capabilities, and the brand new Crunchylists feature.

On the redesigned homepage, users will find an updated interface “to fit the needs of the anime community.” The new design includes personalized recommendations and more user friendly navigation, allowing users to more quickly find specific shows and episodes. An improved search feature also allows users to find content based on factors like genre, new episodes, and whether an episode is dubbed or subtitled.

To make the service more personalized, users can now create
a unique username and choose an avatar and header image from the Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is also rolling out a new Crunchylists feature,
giving users the opportunity to create their own curated collections. No one
knows anime better than fans, so Crunchyroll is letting users add their
favorite series and episodes to their own unique lists and organize them however
they want.

How to Opt-In to Crunchyroll Beta

To experience the new Crunchyroll Beta, eligible Crunchyroll
Premium users can opt-in through the header images or pop ups that appear
across the Crunchyroll website. Currently, Crunchyroll Beta is only available
to 20% of premium users, but will eventually become available to all premium
subscribers and all free users in the U.S.

Once you’re in the beta experience, you can switch back to Crunchyroll
Classic any time. The service is encouraging user feedback about the new experience
and features during the beta testing.

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