Cinedigm Launches New Fantawild Streaming Channel

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Cinedigm has launched a new streaming channel in partnership with Fantawild Animation, the top producer of children’s animation in Asia. The Fantawild channel will feature content from popular animated brands like Kung Fu Masters of the Zodiac and more, anchored by movies and series from the Boonie Bears franchise which is currently China’s top animated media property.

This new partnership and channel launch will put Cinedigm in a position to capitalize on the Boonie Bears‘ popularity and distribute it to a broader audience throughout North America. The Fantawild channel is available on TCL, FreeCast (SelectTV) and Klowd TV. Consumers will be able to access the ad-supported content on TVs, digital set-top boxes, media streaming devices as well as online

“North America is one of the most important markets for us, and we have always been careful entering local platforms with our programs – the right strategy is crucial when we are talking about building our brands in one of the biggest media markets,” says Daisy Shang,
President of Fantawild Animation Inc. “Launching a Fantawild branded channel is a very significant moment for us, and we are happy to have such a great partner on our side to help us with it.”

Cinedigm will refresh Fantawild with new content every month so there’s always something exciting for viewers to watch. One of the highly anticipated new releases will be Boonie Bears: The Wild Life, which hit theaters in China this past Lunar New Year and quickly grossed over $90 million in box office earnings.

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