Apple TV’s New Siri Remote Adds More Features, Compatible With Older Models

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Apple’s big April 2021 product reveal showcased some long-rumored and long-awaited Apple TV updates, including a next-gen Apple TV 4K with increased processing power. But one of the most-requested upgrades focused on the included input device, which Apple is now calling Siri Remote. This new accessory is promising some needed improvements and it’ll also be available on its own for owners of older devices.

The new remote includes a clickable directional pad up top. The pad itself is touch-sensitive, so you can use directional swipes to navigate. You can also sweep around the outer ring of the pad for jog control to move to a specific part of a show or movie. Elsewhere, the new remote includes TV power controls, a mute button, and a mic control on its side to use Siri.

Image: Apple

And if you’re longing for improved controls for your Apple TV, but you’re not ready to upgrade your streaming device just yet, the Siri Remote will be available on its own. Apple says the new input device will retail for $59 as a standalone purchase and it’s also compatible with the older Apple TV 4K and the Apple TV HD. In fact, the company is offering a bundle with Apple TV HD and the Siri Remote that will retail for $149.

As with the new Apple TV 4K itself, we’re looking forward to getting our hands on Apple’s new gear soon.

Featured image: Apple

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