10 Things You Need To Have On Your Video Website Homepage

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If you want to build a video website homepage that stands out, you’ve come to the right place.

At Uscreen, we spend a lot of time looking at video websites. We dissect them. We look at the data. We gather feedback. We get insights from our developers and success team.

The result?

We’ve found 10 elements that all high-converting homepages have that make them stand out from the competition. And, in this article, we’re going to walk you through each of them.

Let’s go…


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1. Consistent Branding With Your Marketing Channels

Your potential customers will probably come to your website from a third-party platform, like social media, YouTube, or paid advertising.

When they click through to your site they’re subconsciously looking for confirmation they’re on the correct website. If they get that, they’ll stick around. If they don’t, they’ll leave.

The way they find this confirmation is by looking to see if your branding is consistent. They want to see that your…

  • logo
  • brand colours
  • typography 

…are a match for what they’ve seen on other platforms. Take a look at how The Coaches Voice Academy do this across all of their platforms here:

This consistency creates a feeling of safety and will convince them to stick around to learn more about your video website. Which is where the next element comes into play.

2. An Attractive Hero Image

It’s important to have a high-quality, eye-catching image at the top of your page. This will play a big part in the visual branding of your website, and provide context for your site.

I like to think of this as a quick glimpse into your premium content, one that will show your website visitors what’s in store if they convert into customers.

For example: 

BFUNK uses an image from one of their video dance classes to give visitors a sneak peek at what their premium content looks like.

BFUNK energetic hero image example

You can also see how they’ve carefully chosen an energetic image – filled with happy and engaged customers – to give visitors a subconscious positive connection with what they do.

I do recommend you steer clear of stock images for this, and stick to branded images that accurately represent your content.

3. An Effective VOD Description

Your VOD description is the elevator-pitch for your video business. It’s all of the text in the area above the fold ( the area people see before they scroll down) on your homepage.

It should be..

  • clear
  • attention-grabbing
  • informative
  • actionable 

…like from From The Field’s description here:

from the field VOD description example

This instantly gives you a sense of what their service does and what you can expect if you stick around to watch their content. It attracts the right people, and signals for the rest to leave.

Vague descriptions are a common mistake and they have a direct impact on your conversions. So, take some time to learn more about how to write an effective VOD description.

VOD owner writing a description for website

How To Write an Effective VOD Description That Brings You More Sales

4. A Free Trial Sign Up Button

If you don’t already offer a free trial on your video website homepage, you should seriously consider it because 52% of free-trial sign-ups convert into long-term paying customers.

It’s one of the most powerful marketing tools our Uscreen customers use, and it’s effective across a wide range of niches:

The best place to place your free trial sign-ups is towards the top of your page, around the end of your VOD description, like Mimi Method does here:

Mimi method free trial example

If you want to learn more about how free trials work and why they’re so effective, take at our guide on how to offer free content and increase conversions.

5. Highlights From Your Content Catalog

Your video website’s homepage should showcase the top content from your service. 

This is where you get to entice your potential customers with the great content you offer and show them what life as a paying subscriber will be like.

Take a look at how Button Poetry does this by inviting people to “browse programs”:

Button poetry highlight content catalog

They really don’t give away much here, but it’s enough to showcase what experiences await a subscriber on the other side.

You could also take a slightly different approach by showing content from all of your key categories like Magic Stream does here:

Magic stream highlight content categories

There is no right or wrong way to do this, you’ll just need to test what works for your audience. But you definitely need to include some portion of your content catalog on your homepage.

You can also supercharge this with the next must-have element…

6. Descriptive Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the entry point to all video content online. They can be make-or-break for whether someone watches your content or not.

This is as true for your video website homepage as it is for YouTube, or anywhere else you might share your videos. In fact, the right thumbnail can boost engagement up to 154%.

The thumbnails you share here should be…

  • relevant
  • eye catching
  • easy to read
  • descriptive
  • branded

…like these ones on TINT Yoga’s homepage:

TINT Yoga descriptive thumbnails

The more enticing these thumbnails are, the better the chances that people will click through to watch trailers or sign up for your free trial.

Check out this guide from our YouTube channel to learn more about how to create epic looking thumbnails for your videos:

7. Customer Testimonials

When making a purchasing decision, your customers are often looking for what’s known as social proof. It’s a psychological principle where we either:

  1. Copy the actions of other people like us.
  2. Copy the actions of people we want to be like.

There are a number of reasons why we do this, but generally speaking, one of them is to reduce the feeling of risk. We want to know that other people have already done this and got results.

That’s why 88% of consumers seek out and trust online reviews before making a purchase!

Having customer testimonials, then, can be a great way to put potential customers at ease, increase their trust in your brand, and convert more customers. 

Take a look at this example from  Lisset Perrier Artistry’s homepage:

Lisset Perrier Artistry's homepage customer testimonial

If you were an on-the-fence potential customer, that might just be enough to get you to sign up for a free trial or join their service outright! 

You’ll need to look at the theme you’re using on your website to see if you can add testimonials to your homepage. If not, you can try a workaround, like adding screenshots from social media.

A great way to get testimonials is to incentivize your existing customers with coupons. Take a look at point 5 in our coupon marketing guide to find out more.

Offer free content to increase conversions

How to Offer Free Video Content to Get More Paying Monthly Subscribers

8. The Benefits Of Using Your Platform

Everyone who visits your video website is looking to answer one question:

What’s in it for me?

They want to know how they will benefit from using your video-on-demand platform. If you answer that question well enough, the chances they sign up will dramatically increase.

Many video business owners do this by listing the features of their website and video content. These are tangible things, like:

  • “We offer OTT apps.”
  • “Tune into weekly live streams.”
  • “Download and watch videos offline.”

These are definitely important to mention, but they aren’t going to be make-or-break for potential customers. Instead, you need to talk to the emotional voice in their head.

You do this by highlighting the ways they will benefit from using your platform. This is what they get by using your platform, and by engaging with your premium content.

Let me show you this by translating the features in the list above into benefits:

  • “Access content on the device you choose, wherever you are!”
  • “Get answers to your questions in weekly live streamed Q&A sessions.”
  • “Download videos to watch them offline, on your own time.”

Here’s a great short-and-sweet example of this from Birdietime:

Birdetime customer benefits listed on VOD website

You can do this by listing your feature, and then writing out what it allows your customer to do directly afterwards. That’s the feature and benefit in one!

9. An Accurate Description Of Your OTT Apps

This is a big one…

Video websites often use an image on their homepage, like the one below, that shows their service being broadcast to multiple devices:

Ydisciple homepage services on multiple devices

These images are great if you offer streaming through a branded OTT app; one that your customers can download to watch your content natively on a device.

If you do offer apps, you should definitely use this to showcase how your customers can access your content on their chosen device. And be sure to say which apps are available.

Ydisciple multiple platforms description


If you DO NOT offer OTT apps, it’s good practice to remove any logos or images that relate to apps. You know, like the Android logo. This will avoid any confusion.

10. Contact, T&C’s, And Privacy Policy Pages


There are 3 pages that should be visible and accessible on your homepage. They are your:

  1. Contact page.
  2. Terms and conditions.
  3. Privacy policy.

Having these pages can help build trust with your audience, and give anybody who wants to read the fine print the opportunity to do so.

Typically these pages are available through links in your footer:

contact terms and condition and privacy pages homepage footer example

If you’re a Uscreen customer, you can read these guides on how to create your contact page, privacy policy page and your terms and conditions page.

Wrapping This Up…

If you want to create a stand-out video website homepage that converts, you need to include these 10 elements:

  1. Consistent branding
  2. An attractive hero image
  3. An effective VOD description
  4. A free trial sign-up button
  5. Highlights from your content catalog
  6. Descriptive video thumbnails
  7. Customer testimonials
  8. The benefits of using your platform
  9. An accurate description of your OTT apps
  10. Links to your contact, T&Cs, and privacy pages

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